MMP-GRAM | Architects

MMP is the culmination of two distinct architectural journeys converged to create a dynamic and innovative design studio, founded in 2020 by Maria Pollani and Myrto Pappa. With a shared passion for excellence and a wealth of experience gained through their respective paths in Greece and abroad, Maria and Myrto joined forces to establish a studio that embraces creativity and diverse design perspectives.

At MMP we specialize in architectural solutions for projects of varying scales and programs. From thoughtfully crafted residential buildings to transformative renovations, urban design projects, and  retail spaces, our portfolio encompasses a wide range of architectural endeavors. We believe that architecture has the power to enrich lives and shape communities. Each project we undertake is a testament to this conviction.

Our team’s diverse backgrounds and international exposure infuse our work with a global perspective, blending cultural influences and contemporary design sensibilities. By combining the wisdom and experience of Maria, who had her own successful practice, with the fresh outlook and innovative ideas of Myrto, we create harmonious spaces that bridge tradition and modernity.