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(De)coding the social event | (pre)Pair

1_The Gathering | Food as a coded social event

“The meal expresses close friendship. Whereas the sharing of drinks expresses by contrast only too clearly the detachment and impermanence of simpler and less intimate social bonds.”

Mary Douglas, Deciphering a Meal

Food-based rituals encode social events. Processing of the orders, rules and hierarchies while preparing, serving and consuming the meal represent the idea of deliberate interactions among people. Consequently, the meal puts its frame on the gathering, its form expresses the degree of bond in relations and reveals thresholds of different intimacies. 

2_The Pair | Meal is bond-based

As the act of consumption of the meal reveals the degree of the intimacy between people who share it so does the act of preparation of the meal. In this project the relation of the Two is the fundamental base and starting point for the well-developed feast processing from its very beginning – the act of preparation. We believe that the fundamental base of deep human relationship begins by the sharing of the two. Therefore from this, the sharing of eight people can be established. The kitchen furniture are designed in order to pair preparation activities and therefore pair those who prepare. As a consequence, a bond-based meal will be prepared.

3_Cycle in Circle | A Deliberately Democratic Act

“Living in new shapes, reshapes our thinking”

Lois Farfel Stark, The Telling Image: Shapes of Changing Times

Phase:Competition entry
Credits: Aleksandra (Ola) Gordowy