MMP-GRAM | Architects


The house is developed on two levels through two distinct volumes: an underground ‘cave’ like structure composes the main house; a partly overground structure composes the guest house.These two sections are connected vertically by an elevator or by landscape structures.

In line with the slope gradient, the buildings deviate from the rectangular layout, forming curves, recesses, protrusions, positive & negative spaces both horizontally and vertically.

The ‘cave’ section arises from the sloping ground and grows longitudinally following the naturally sculpted land. There is a prevalent connection between nature & light with all the main areas. Rooms and spaces intended for secondary functions are placed deeper in the building. Vertical openings are used to ventilate and light up these zones naturally.

The choice of materials, stone and specially treated concrete, serve as a reminder and resemblance of the surrounding topos.

The visible stone structure acts as a smooth transition between the overground and cave-like buildings, creating a continuum.

This suggested intervention, respectful of the landscape, becomes part of it whilst utilising the gaze to the sea; it creates individual spaces purposed for any human activities whilst it redefines the landscape without altering its original character.

Location:Aylaki, Corfu
Phase:In progress
Typology:Residential, Vacation houses