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The morphology of the landscape, its position close to the main road and its view, were the factors that led to the choice of dividing the house into distinct volumes that represent recognizable, familiar dwellings; structures connected by either semi outdoor spaces or vertical connections.

While we approach the property from the main road the only evidence of the built structure is a long stone wall that defines the building and forms the boundary between the built structure and the main road. The entrance is revealed through vertical slits on the stone wall, creating a gate. The imagination is aroused for what is hidden, the curiosity is strengthened for what is evolving internally.

Passing through the gate, a courtyard is unveiled, an open space surrounded by two structures facing each other. The entrances to the structures are defined by the courtyard and are marked by a central vegetation zone. The first swimming pool is located at the border of the courtyard and steps begin to form in order to adapt to the morphology of the ground leading to the structure on the other levels.

The western building consists of a ground floor and basement. It is embedded in the natural landscape keeping only its two sides displayed. The main building is covered with a pitched roof while the rest ends on a roof that is accessible from the south side of the site, due to the natural landscape.

The eastern part of the building consists of two ground floors, split on two levels, due to the natural slope defined by the ground. It is shaped as a rectangular volume with the only fragmented part the stone wall. It follows the classical typology of the island dwellings with repeated long shaped openings towards the view.

From the courtyard with successive steps, stairs, ramps, it leads to the lowest level of the building, where the underground “cave like” house. Stone walls of different heights detain the earth or create private exterior zones.

Location:Aylaki, Corfu
Phase:In progress
Typology:Residential, Vacation houses