MMP-GRAM | Architects


The building is constituted by two inseparable sections: an overground structure and a cave-like, partly underground structure. The overground section is placed at the smoothest part of the land. It consists of a ground floor, first floor and basement. An accessible roof is located on the first floor allowing the creation of a terrace gazing to the sea. Golden ratio is a key element of the composition. Pergola details are used to create a spatial notion of a rectangle.

The main facade faces the horizon and the sea. An elevator and an internal staircase leads into the cave-like section. This area is located at a lower level and it faces towards the ravine whilst following a parallel escalation to the earth’s gradient slope. Different function areas- resting areas, pool area, privacy areas- are located in both the overground and cave like structures.

The size of the land separating the building from the road allows multiple ways of access.

The area close to the ravine is of a particular architectural interest as mild interventions -paths, resting areas etc., can facilitate the full potential of the microclimate and the rich flora, the shadows of which can be particularly pleasant during the hot summer months.

Overall the dwelling takes full advantage of the nature surrounding it and is fully integrated into the topos, allowing a visual alteration of both land and sea to its inhibitors.

Location:Aylaki, Corfu
Phase:In progress
Typology:Residential, Vacation houses