MMP-GRAM | Architects


The choice of this cave like building was dictated by the need of a harmonious integration of architecture and the topos. The latter is sculpted by this construction that penetrates it. Its escalation is linear and in line with the earth’s natural gradient. The integration is absolute. It takes advantage of the full potential of environmental, economical and energy related factors.

The use of stone in the building’s facade symbolizes its rebirth through the ground and its reintegration back to it.

Spaces intended for primary usage directly communicate with the landscape via large openings. Light and air can freely navigate in the building and are further amplified through the vertical openings in the deeper parts of it.

The immediate surroundings of the building are created with the living area located in its center as well as a swimming pool. Landscape planting and partition walls located in front of the bedrooms allow the privacy and smooth coexistence of its inhibitors.

Location:Aylaki, Corfu
Phase:In progress
Typology:Residential, Vacation houses