MMP-GRAM | Architects



The project involves the development of a complex consisting of three single-story residences, each with its own guesthouse. The buildings have been adapted to the slope and topography of the land and have been positioned in a way that each of them has a view towards the Koundouros bay. The intention was to create the scenery of an island settlement with the buildings, their courtyards, the road that crosses it, and the central square.

Thus, the organization of the buildings was done symmetrically around a central axis that develops diagonally across the plot, creating a “path” of transition with different qualities and view. This path is marked sometimes by retaining walls, sometimes by sections of building volume, and at other times by the thresholds of the outdoor spaces of the residences, “the courtyards”.

Location:Koundouros, Kea
Phase:In progress
Typology:Residential, Vacation houses