MMP-GRAM | Architects


The design aimed to address the stringent requirements arising from the limited space of the typical rectangular plot and the relationship of the building with its immediate surroundings, while also considering the need for unobstructed views. These considerations were taken into account in relation to the housing needs of two families.

The relationship of the building with its surroundings determined the orientation of the spaces and the formation of the facades. They are strict and compact towards the adjacent buildings, with gradual setbacks and large openings towards one street where the user relaxation space is located at the ground level. These openings visually unify the interior with the outdoor space, where a swimming pool is formed, surrounded by external seating areas. In some sections, pergolas made of metal framework and movable sunshades are constructed. Additionally, the use of enclosed balconies on the lateral facades and architectural vertical elements contribute to the plasticity of the facades.

The project consists of two maisonettes that span across the ground floor, first floor, and basement levels. The composition is characterized by geometric purity.

Location:Kifisia, Athens
Phase:In progress
Typology:Residential, City Living